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New “Green” Property site now up and running!

Please visit our new “Green Horse Property” site.  We hope to share our experiences and challenges as we build our new horse property in an environmentally sound way.  We would like to hear your stories too, and would appreciate any comments and additions to the resource lists.   Our goal is to have this site become a resource to help horse owners and managers make better decisions for the environment.


Click here to go to Green Horse Property


Training the new Foals at MWM

Under the direction of  Merriewold’s trainer Jackie Brittain, our new foals are groomed and handled on a daily basis.  During this time the foals become accustomed to and accept the people around them and learn to trust and respect humans.   They are brushed, have their legs and feet handled, learn to wear a halter and walk on a lead.

Kirin and Kona go for a walk

 In this photo Merriewold Kirin and Merriewold Kona are learning to walk on a lead rope next to their handlers Ubaldo and Abbie.

   Merriewold Kirin meets the farrier  Merriewold Kona and farrier 
Here Kirin meets the farrier, Mike LaGrone for the first time.  And Kona gets her first trim.  These first encounters are as much training as actual trimming.  They begin a life long association with the person responsible for the health of their feet.