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Merriewold Latte's Profile & Pedigree
2009 Black Filly, SOLD

Latte and the Shute Family  Latte, 1-2014

Latte in round pen  Latte

Jackie and Latte  Latte's mud bath

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This young Mare is the product of two world champions and two renowned breeding programs. Gulfwind Sir William is a result of the golden cross of Trebles Willy Wild and Tug Hill Commando from the Trebles Morgan Manor. Their program produces individuals with distinctive Morgan beauty, show presence and refinement. The well known Caduceus breeding program concentrated on large, athletic individuals with good minds and correct conformation.
Merriewold Latte is very up-headed with a pretty chiseled face and little ears. She has solid sport horse conformation, good bone and very smooth gaits. We are very excited about her future as a sport, family and pleasure prospect.
Congratulations to the Shute Family on their purchase of Latte as their family, pleasure and show horse.  We wish them many years of happy horsing around!

Merriewold Latte - Pedigree

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Merriewold Latte

REG#: 0179699
DOB: 02-17-2009
COLOR: Black

Sir William pic courtesy of Paul and Evelyn McKnight
Gulfwind Sir William
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Stillwater Jubilee
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Caduceus Exira Wyoming Flyhawk Domino Joe
Lily Black
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