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My Fab Four

The hardest thing about leaving the ranch and going on a trip is leaving the horses.   And now that we have  really nice trail horses and can go on lovely rides, I feel like I’m,  “Living my Dream”!    I owe this all to my Fabulous Four….Hero, Java, Gaysha and Honey.   So I decided to do a little photo shoot and post about them.  The boys would stand and vogue all day long for me, giving me great shot after shot.  The girls…not so much…hahaha…heads down, look the other way, butt to the camera, stand in the shadows…whatever. 
I love them all!  So, here they are…
(click on photos to enlarge)

The boys 2     The girls 1

The boys1     The girls 2

Honey likes boys, Gaysha, not     love triangle

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A visit from the Shute Family

Carleen, Dave and Sydney Shute came by for a visit and to see our horses.  They watched Merriewold Latte go through her paces and then we went out and had some quality time with  Dina (Ondine) and Latte in their pasture.  Click on photos for a larger image.  A fun time was had by all…especially Dina and Latte!IMG_7320editIMG_7325edit  IMG_7377edit     IMG_7398edit     IMG_7373editIMG_7380edit    

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