Your Yearling, by Jackie Brittain

Yearlings, Kirin and KonaAs of January of the new year you should begin considering your foal as a coming yearling. It is a real opportunity to evaluate your foals growth and potential.

Of the up most importance is your yearlings’ disposition and general personality. Watch how they interact with other yearlings in the pasture.

Another indication of a yearlings’ disposition are manners. Is your yearling obedient and willing to respond to your requests?

Conformation. Is your yearling developing the characteristics to excel in the discipline of your choice?

And while considering all of the above it may be time to consider castration for yearling colts. As a breeder you must be very objective and responsible to the breed standards in making this decision. There are also risks in keeping a stallion depending on the type of facility and experience.

All these things considered it is time to move forward in your handling. Make sure your yearling is confident in your routine. Then add new tasks such as turning in a circle to the right and left on a long lead rope. This will teach your yearling to move forward on request.

Next you may introduce the trailer and with the lesson in moving forward, loading should be easier. Remember to do these exercises with great patience and plenty of time and you will be successful in developing a calm and confident horse.


Jackie Brittain
Merriewold Morgans Trainer