Your Weanling Foal, by Jackie Brittain

Jackie and WeanlingsWeaning should begin when your foal is five to seven months old.  When to start, is best determined on an individual basis.  There are also many other factors that should be taken into consideration.

This is a very opinionated subject.  However, the best scenario is to achieve it with as little stress, as possible, and when both mare and foal are ready.

In my opinion, weaning is best done by leaving the foal in the pasture it’s accustomed to with its friends and removing the mare. This method causes the least amount of stress on the foal.

After the weaning process is completely over, life should continue normally for your foal. And by now, the every day routine has paid off and your foal will appreciate your contact through grooming and handling.

Merriewold Kasey 6 months oldNow your foal is an individual and I would handle my foal as a young horse ready for training. You should expect responses to your requests from any horse – no matter the age. Be completely at ease in your handling and set your expectations with the new weanling.

Consistent basic handling and care are the keys at this time. Along with the usual and normal care, now is the time for vaccinations to begin.

“Routine” is the key to any horse’s life. And once you establish one, stick to it!


Jackie Brittain
Merriewold Morgans Horse Trainer