Sally Anderson, Elite Morgan Dressage Trainer

Sally Anderson Trains Merriewold Galaxie Under SaddleSally with Merriewold Galaxie. (Ironforge Starman x Ringbrook Renaissance)


Sally’s family started breeding and purchasing Morgans with the influence of her Great Grandfather, F. E. Radtke.  Her Grandfather started breeding Morgans and utilized the big and free moving horses for the 20 mile migration to the mountains in the summer with the Radtke Ranch cattle herds.


Sally Anderson and MEHRS Eloquince Compete

After many years, Joe Daly was purchased by Sally’s Grandfather and the big Morgan increased the size and athleticism in their breeding program.   Later, Sally’s mother would find and purchase Iron Forge Starman.  He would become their senior stallion and award-winning dressage champion paired with Sally – who like her horse-training brother, Brad, had followed her passion for horses to become a professional dressage trainer.

Sally has trained and competed two Morgan horses through Grand Prix and is only one test away from her AMHA Gold Medal.  Her retired gelding, MEHRS Eloquince, became one of the eight Morgans to win the AMHA (American Morgan Horse Association) Gold Medallion Award for competing at the Grand Prix level.


Sally Radtke Anderson and MEHRS Eloquince compete.


Iron Forge Starman is the third Morgan stallion to compete at Grand Prix and was also the Montana Dressage Society Champion for 2007.  Together, this pair have won many more awards and compliments throughout their years together.

Sally and PicassoIn 1997 and again in 1998, she and her Thoroughbred gelding competed on the USDF Region 6 North America Young Rider Team.

Sally Anderson and Iron Forge Starman perform the Sport Horse Pirouette at Missoula in August, 2007Sally has also received her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals on non-tradional dressage mounts.  She has flourished with the help of instructors – such as, Jeanne Gaudreau, Mike Osinski, Debbie Riehl-Rodriquez, Steffen Peters and Conrad Schumacher.


Sally and Picasso

Sally and Iron Forge Starman perform the pirouette.




 Now, Sally is working with Merriewold Galaxie and is very pleased with the progress Galaxie has made in the arena and under saddle.  Galaxie is a born athlete.  She naturally lifts her withers and pushes from behind.  She will excel in any sport horse division, but is especially well suited for dressage.

Galaxie gets her talent from both sides of her pedigree.  Her dam, Ringbrook Renaissance, has beautiful conformation and balanced elastic gates and her sire is Iron Forge Starman.

Sally Anderson and Merriewold Galaxie train.According to Sally, “Galaxie is starting to give nicely to the bit, bend through the body and cantering a nice circle – doing so, relaxed.  She is leg yielding and has nice canter transitions.  Galaxie has also developed a good work ethic.”


Sally and Galaxie in training.


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