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The training of a horse begins at birth and continues throughout it's life. Jacqueline A. Brittain is responsible for the day-to-day care and training of our horses. She is a life long equestrian who truly puts the welfare of the horse first. Because of her many years of caring for and training Thoroughbred race horses, she also has expert knowledge in equine conformation, nutrition, injuries and medications. Her many jobs at MWM include all aspects of horse management, care, training, breeding arrangements and total farm management. Her particular specialty is in developing a young horse to it's best capabilities in performance and as a pleasurable equine partner.

Terry Wright Clinic

WNC Rocketman
WNC Rocketman and Jackie learned about balance and connection.  Its amazing that the combination of these two factors bring horse and rider together to perform dressage.

Instructor Terry Wright gave us great encouragement to move in a direction that will make us a better team.  Terry studied with Mr. Robert N. Hall D.B.H.S. in England.  She was his senior instructor at his schools for 12 years in England and Aiken, SC.