Merriewold Morgans International Morgan Horse Photo Contest

To all our Friends, Fellow Photographers and Morgan Lovers….
The Merriewold website is in the middle of a massive move and we are unable to host our annual Photo Contest in 2016.  The “gallery” software where all of our photos are stored and displayed is now defunct and we are moving to One Drive cloud based display and storage.
PLEASE keep taking those amazing photos and we will see you in 2017 for the 7th (almost) annual Morgan Horse Photo Contest!!!

2011 First Place Winner, Swish by Carol Dombrowsky          2010 First Place Winner, Spencer and Cassie by Pat Prouty

2015 First Place Winner, Rain Koko's Gigolo by Claudia Kunne          2012 First Place Winner, Gotcha by Michele Meijer

2014 First Place Winner, Come Fly With Me by Paola Anderson          2013 First Place Winner, Black Beautiful Baroque by Michele Meijer

The 6 First Place Winners 2010-2015

You can visit all the contest albums, BUT we are still in the process of adding back all the titles that were deleted  in the transfer….please be patient.
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