Tips for taking better photos of your horse!

2015 Merriewold Morgans Photo Contest 1st Place
2015 Merriewold Morgans Photo Contest 1st Place

Here is some advice on taking horse photos from our Judge, Susan Derr Drake;  Grand Prix Dressage Competitor, Equestrian Photographer, Fine Artist and Author.

1.   Get a dust-proof, weather-proof, kick-proof camera case and keep your camera with you and shoot, shoot, shoot.

2.   When photographing horses that you want to reduce distortion because of  their large size;   you can take the photo from as far away as possible and  zoom in with the longest lens.  You can also photograph them from the ¾ to full side position rather than straight in front.  Or, you may want that unusual  artistic shot from the front or back with great distortion to emphasize a  particular trait.  Be creative and try many possibilities.

3.  Notice your foregrounds and backgrounds.  Move so that the background   does not distract from the subject (like a pole out of a head) or move so that  the background frames the subject (like trees on either side) or so that the  roads, fences or rivers lead to the subject.

4.  The eyes are the windows to the soul.  Make sure they are in the light and are in focus for a more expressive photo.

5.  Timing is everything.  The position of legs, ears, tail and head can make a  good photo great.

6.   Allow your feelings to guide you to the perfect place, composition, and timing of clicking the shutter.   When you press the button you feel ‘that’s it!’.   You  know it is the shot before you even look at it.   And be ok with shooting hundreds of photos to get the ‘one’.  Their contrast contributes to your richer appreciation of the ‘one’.   Have fun!


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