Kandie and Jeanne

Congratulations to Jeanne Malone on her purchase of Merriewold Kandie.  We are so pleased to announce that Kandie has found her forever home! They will enjoy  trail riding now and in the future maybe do some showing.   Kandie also has the pedigree to be a top broodmare.   Jeanne doesn’t live too far away, so we hope one day to go and see them.


Quito and Colette an up-date!

One of the best thing about breeding Morgans is when our horses find wonderful owners!  Colette and Quito are great together and it is so nice of Colette to keep us updated as to how they are doing.  Below are some of her photos and text:

Quito just arrived at his new home and has to be isolated from the herd for a while.  Colette purchased a jolly ball for him but it took him about 5 minuted to flatten it..hahaha

Trail pony extraordinaire!  He  is such a little trooper…he will follow or lead, he will look at scary stuff but doesn’t overreact.  He is very trusting.

Wants to help with the barn chores!

Late fall trail ride…taking advantage of the nice weather.

Thank you Colette!!!


Tara weaned and now together with Sierra

Weaning is a happy time because your foal is growing up and ready for the next stage in life.  And it is also a little challenging as you want everything to go a smoothly as possible.  I took a few photos of Pocket and Tara together and then a few of the day we weaned Tara and put her and Sierra together.   All went well and the two girls are happy.  Pocket will be on her way To Bill Broe in New York in a few weeks.