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Tara weaned and now together with Sierra

Weaning is a happy time because your foal is growing up and ready for the next stage in life.  And it is also a little challenging as you want everything to go a smoothly as possible.  I took a few photos of Pocket and Tara together and then a few of the day we weaned Tara and put her and Sierra together.   All went well and the two girls are happy.  Pocket will be on her way To Bill Broe in New York in a few weeks.







Tessa’s first show!

Merriewold Quintessa and new owner, Alice Chan went to the Mother Load Morgan show and competed in the “In Hand” Classes.  Here is what Alice said…

From a very early sunrise to a late sunset where the heat soared to 110 degrees, yesterday was a really special day for me and Q. Our first horse show! She was amazing for such a young lady. So well behaved and won 3 first places, a championship and a second place. All in-hand classes, which meant a LOT of running for me.
– First place Morgan Sport Horse 3&4 Yr old Mares
– First place Dressage Suitability
– First place Morgan Hunter 
– Championship Mare
– Second place Classic Morgan, Am. Handler
Merriewold Morgans you should be so proud of this mare. She took it all in her stride. Really nothing fazed her at all.





Merriewold Tara is now 3 months old so I wanted to share some more photos!  As she lost her foal coat she has started looking less like a bay and more like a dark brown.  We will wait another month to be sure for her pedigree papers.  Our farrier Coco came for a visit and he and Tara got along really well.